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The Playhouse Management Committee

The Playhouse Management Committee are voluntary members of the Playhouse who work to move the theatre and facilities forward in line with the consititution. The Committee meets every two months to discuss all elements of the theatre, from upcoming productions to future building works. The committee is made up of a maximum of 13 members, plus trustees, although additional members can be co-opted on at the committee's discretion. Each member of the committee stands for a three year period, voted in the Annual General Meeting by attending Playhouse Members, and may restand should they wish.

If you would like more information on the purposes of the Playhouse Charity and Management Committee, please click here for the Playhouse Constitution.

The committee is always keen to welcome new members to the team. If you are interested in standing for the commitee, please contact the Chairperson or Secretary for more information.

All commitee members must be members of the Playhouse. For more information in becoming a member, please click here.

Management Committee

Chairperson Jenny Schaefer mailinglist@backwellplayhouse.co.uk
Treasurer Fiona Milton mailinglist@backwellplayhouse.co.uk
Secretary Beatrice Hooper mailinglist@backwellplayhouse.co.uk
Bookings Manager Beatrice Hooper bookings@backwellPlayhouse.co.uk
Premises Manager Richard Fenton mailinglist@backwellplayhouse.co.uk
Membership Secretary Caroline Heaven membership@backwellplayhouse.co.uk
Website and Publicity Manager Jon Coupe 0797 422 3081 jon.coupe@talk21.com
Bar Manager Mary Gould mailinglist@backwellplayhouse.co.uk
Technical Manager Mike Halstead mailinglist@backwellplayhouse.co.uk
Film Club Representative Tina Andrews 01275 464259 TBC
Trustee Andrew Milton mailinglist@backwellplayhouse.co.uk
Trustee Terry Stevens mailinglist@backwellplayhouse.co.uk
Trustee Ian Thompson mailinglist@backwellplayhouse.co.uk

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