With the enforcement of GDPR in EU Law from 25th May 2018, Backwell Playhouse have updated their privacy policy. For more information, please follow this link: Privacy Policy

Legal Documents and Information

Backwell Playhouse takes the protection of your information very seriously. To this end, we have updated our Privacy Policy, which can be found by following this link: Privacy Policy.pdf

Full details may be found in the policy, but in short, Backwell Playhouse will only retain your data for Playhouse purposes, and you need only ask if you want to know what information we hold or if you want that information deleted. We do not give your details to any other company. The exception to this may be the AddThis.Com dashboard buttons, who may require your social media information to provide website analytics. All details retained by addthis.com can be obtained from their own privacy policy on their website.

The website of Backwell Playhouse does not use cookies to store any data for future visits to the site.

For queries about our Privacy Policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer,

All hirers will need to be aware of our Fire Protection Procedures as part of the conditions of their hire.
To download a copy, please right-click on the following link and select Save: Backwell Playhouse Fire Protection Procedure

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