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Upcoming Productions

Production Company Show Dates Blurb
The Playhouse Theatre Company and Alison Neil Mrs Baker’s Company
or, A Tale of Rogues and Vagabonds
03/03/2024 Miss Alison Neil respectfully begs leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of this vicinity and the public in general, that ever anxious to contribute to their amusement, she will present the play "Mrs Baker's Company" or, A Tale of Rogues and Vagabonds, being a lively and true account of the triumphs and struggles of strolling players, and the brave endeavours of the famous Sarah Baker to earn lasting respectability for herself and her entire and talented troupe.
The Playhouse Comedy Night16/03/2024 Backwell Playhouse are delighted to host another of the best and longest running Comedy Night in North Somerset, featuring Stewart Gamble and Samantha Day

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