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Archive of Past Shows

???Twelfth Night
Jan 55The Flight With The O'Flaherity
Apr 55The Noble Spaniard
Jul 55The High Backed Chair
Jul 55The Yellow Cornfield
56Same Sky
Apr 56Our Town
Nov 56Not In Our Stars
Oct 57The Only Candle
Nov 57The Witch
Dec 58The Gilded House
June 59High Tide
June 64Spring 1600
???The Beaver Coat
???Red Peppers
69The Duenna
71The Miraculous Year
74A Likely Tale
77Relatively Speaking
15 Nov 87Victorian Musical Evening
26 Nov 87Opening Evening With Alan Bennett
Dec 87Pack of Lies
Mar 88The Toymaker
(Playhouse Youth Group)
19-23 Apr 88In Praise Of Love
14-18 Jun 88Upstage Downstage
88An Informal Evening of Music
88Seasons Greetings
88?The Boy With A Cat / Noahs Flood
(Playhouse Youth Group)
Mar 89Railway Children
(Playhouse Youth Group)
14 May 89A Musical Evening
89Mary Rose
89Time and a Village
89Educating Rita
90? Five Finger Exercise
90? Flowering Cherry
Jun 90The Kingfisher
Oct 90Mary Windsor Memorial Concert
Oct 90The Happy Man
29 Nov-1 Dec 1990
4-8 Dec 1990
The Merry Wives of Windsor
Feb 91The Lion Witch And Wardrobe
(Playhouse Youth Group)
Apr 91The Odd Couple
91The Dresser
3-7 Dec 91On Golden Pond
92James And The Giant Peach
(Playhouse Youth Group)
92Summer And Smoke
16-20 June 92Lettice And Lovage
Oct 92Time And Time Again
2-5 Dec 92A Man For All Seasons
mar? 93Owl And The Pussycat Went To See
(Playhouse Youth Group)
20-24 Apr 93Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Jun 93Single Spies
10 Sept 93Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Dinner
Oct 93The Importance of Being Ernest
Dec? 93The Rainmaker
Dec 93Coming Of The Kings
(Playhouse Youth Group)
Mar? 94Fantastic Mr Fox
(Playhouse Youth Group)
12-16 Apr 94Last of the Red Hot Lovers
14-18 June 1994Dangerous Obsession
15-16 July 94Our Day Out
(Playhouse Youth Group)
4-8 Oct 94Habeas Corpus
6-10 Dec 94The Golden Pathway Annual
Dec 94Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
(Playhouse Youth Group)
4-8 Apr 95The Duenna
13-17 June 95And A Nightingale Sang
95Worzel Gummidge
95Round and Round The Garden
(Playhouse Youth Group???)
96?Abigail's party
Jun 96Arms and The Man
Jul 96God & The Voyage Of The Jumblies
(Playhouse Youth Group)
Oct 96The Cemetery Club
3-7 Dec 96The Waltz of The Toreadors
12-14 Dec 96The Secet Diary Of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4
(Playhouse Youth Group)
96/97Under Milkwood
Jul 97Daisy Pulls It off
(Playhouse Youth Group)
25-29 Nov 97The Chalk Garden
Dec 97Animal Farm
(Playhouse Youth Group)
19-21 Feb 98Voyage Of The Dawn Treader
(Playhouse Youth Group)
23-27 Jun 98The Glass Menagerie
9 July 98An Evening of Midsummer Mayhem (A Drama Workshop)
Jul-98Mother Figure, Ernies Incredible Illucinations & Invisible Friend
(Playhouse Youth Group)
24-28 Nov 98Billy Liar
18-19 Dec 98Xmas Entertainment
(Playhouse Youth Group)
29-31 Jan 99Dick Whittington
5-7 Feb 99Dick Whittington
27 Apr - 1 May 99Dancing At Lughnasa
22-27 June 99The Little Evenings & Let Us Entertain You! (the latter from The Bristolian Theatre Company)
15-17 Jul 99A Miscellany Of Mime & The Laundry Girls
(Playhouse Youth Group)
23-27 Nov 99Agnes Of God
Jan 00The Snow Queen
(Playhouse Youth Group)
28 Mar - 1st Apr 00Come Back To The 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
20-24 Jun 00The Herbal Bed
28 Nov-2 Dec 00Silly Cow
3-4 Feb 2001James and The Giant Peach
(Playhouse Youth Group)
20-23 Jun 01In Need of Care & Womberang
26-30 Nov 01Cider With Rosie
28 Feb - 3 Mar 01The Witches
25-29 Jun 02September In The Rain & On The Outside
27 Feb - 02 Mar 02Telling Wilde Tales
29 Jan - 1 Feb 04Fantastic Mr Fox
(Playhouse Youth Group)
28 Apr - 1 May 04The Vigil (With Backwell Drama Club)
Jun 04Bazaar and Rummidge
27-30 Apr 05Godspell
(Playhouse Youth Group)
25-28 May 2005Playing For Time
Sep-05A Night In The Ukraine
18-22 Jan 2006The Canterbury Tales Panto
Mar 2006The Melody Lingers On
(Playhouse Youth Group)
24-27 May 2006Oliver Twist
22-23 Sep 2006New One Act Plays
Blue All The Way To The End by David Mepsted
Practice To Deceive by Ann Gawthorpe & Lesley Brown
29-30 Sep 2006New One Act Plays
Something Happened by John Upward
Protected Species by Bob Gale
23-26 Jan 2007Wild Wild Women
21-24 Mar 2007 Much Ado About Clubbing
(Playhouse Youth Group)
23-26 May 2007Habeas Corpus
26-29 Sept 2007Absolute Hell
23-26 Jan 2008Honk!
12-15 Mar 2008 Happy As A Sandbag
(Playhouse Youth Group)
23-24 May 2008
30-31 May 2008
Caught In The Net
2-5 Oct 2008A Murder Is Announced
21-24 Jan 2009Showtune
(Playhouse Youth Group)
8-11 Jul 2009They Shoot Horses Donít They?
2 Oct 2009Marvellous Boy at St Mary Redcliffe Church
(Playhouse On Tour)
27-31 Oct 2009Marvellous Boy
Dec 2009Christmas Cracker
27-30 Jan 2010Deckchairs
24-27 Mar 2010 A Slice Of Saturday Night
(Playhouse Youth Group)
26-29 May 2010Noises Off
29 Sept Ė 2 Oct 2010The Mooney Shapiro Songbook
26-29 Jan 2011Happy Families
25-28 May 2011Family Circles
28 Sept Ė 1 Oct 2011Little Me
Dec-11Christmas Cracker (with Alicat)
25-28 Jan 2012You Should See Us Now
Mar 2012Chatterton
(Playhouse On Tour at Zion Art Space)
19-21 Apr 2012Pity About Kitty
23-26 May 2012Snoopy
25-27 Sept 2012Calendar Girls
11 Nov 2012They Didnít Believe Me
(Playhouse on Tour at Zion Art Space)
15 Nov 2012They Didnít Believe Me & AGM
23-26 Jan 2013Manhattan Nights
22-25 May 2013The Dining Room
25-28 Sept 2013Dead Guilty
21-25 Jan 2014Cinderella
22-24 May 2014Travels With My Aunt
2-4 Oct 2014Talking Heads (plus Pint Sized Plays)
26-29 Nov 2014Bad Girls - The Musical
20 Dec 2014A Christmas Cracker
21 Feb 2015Travels With My Aunt
(One Act version for AAD)
(Playhouse on Tour at Chipping Sodbury)
18 Apr 2015Travels With My Aunt
(One Act version for AETF, Quarter-finals)
(Playhouse on Tour at Olympus Theatre, Filton)
2 May 2015Backwell Playhouse Open Day
(North Somerset Arts Train)
16 May 2015Travels With My Aunt
(One Act version for AETF, Semi-finals)
(Playhouse on Tour at Barrington Theatre, Ferndown)
20-23 May 2015A Triple Bill...
Willy Russell's Blood Brothers, A Person of No Consequence, The Tea Dance
18 Jun 2015Radio Plays (Backwell Playhouse Podcasts)
15-17 Oct 2015Skirmishes
25-28 Nov 2015The Card
19 Dec 2015Playhouse Christmas Cracker
(A Playhouse Fundraisers Event)
20 Feb 2016Hollywood Lies: A Murder Mystery Evening
(A Playhouse Fundraisers Event)
7-9 Apr 2016Below Stairs
18-21 May 2016The Boys From Syracuse
2 Jul 2016Radio Plays 2 (Backwell Playhouse Podcasts)
27-29 Oct 2016A Double Bill...
An Evening with Noel Coward & Laundry and Bourbon
23-26 Nov 2016A Mad World My Masters
6-8 Apr 2017Commencing
also featuring "A Half Hour with The Earl" with Martin Williamson
24-27 May 2017The Biograph Girl
28-30 Sept 2017A Double Bill...
The Donahue Sisters & Some Enchanted Evening
19-20 & 26-27 Jan 2018Mother Goose
17-19 May 2018Brief Lives
27-29 Sept 2018A Double Bill...
Alarms & They'll Never Believe Me
22-24 Nov 2018Gaslight
23-25 May 2019The Odd Couple, Female Version
27-30 Nov 2019The 39 Steps
18-20 Nov 2021Two
25-27 Feb 2022Alison Neil presents Glowing Bright
16-18 June 2022Two One-Act Plays
Allotment, and Another Future
23-26 Nov 2022A Christmas Carol
20-22 April 2023An Evening Of Murder & Mirth
Two One Act Plays: Blood On Canvas, and Late Entry
19-21 Oct 2023The Wind In The Willows

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